PMC-Colinet has a long history in the pipe and tube market, having started in 1912 and introduced the world’s first carbide-tooled pipe threading machine in 1958.  Today, the company is established as a primary supplier of machines to the OCTG sector.   Its customers include integrated steel mills that sell finished pipe and couplings to the oil and gas industries, specifically using the company’s machines for threading products for downhole drilling applications.  PMC-Colinet also supplies cutting tools, consumable tooling, aftermarket parts and field service to the industry.

Recently, PMC-Colinet did an assessment on one very challenging job, namely, cutting keyways into large sections on a high-precision cutting tool head made of Nitralloy.  For many years, the production had involved the use of a shaper to produce the keyway in the bore of the die head.  Typically, the bore ranged from 6” to 13” in diameter and more than 12’ in length.  These keyways have extremely tight tolerances, with location at +/- 0.0005”, width at +/- 0.001” and depth to +/- 0.0025”.

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