AMF Markers
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AMF Markers and Cleaners

The AMF Markers are tools for the permanent marking of workpieces.The Markers are placed in a Toolholder utilizing ER collets or Weldon clamping systems. This cost effective method offers low acquisition costs and long service life.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • The surface is not weakened or damaged, but is compressed and thus strengthened
  • High marking speeds are possible
  • High wear resistance and thus long service life
  • Suitable for thin-walled workpieces
  • No burrs appear on the marking line
  • High quality type face
  • Compensates for uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for marking round surfaces
  • Surface with hardness up to 57 HRC can be marked
  • No noise generation

AMF Cleaner

  • Systematic and thorough cleaning
  • No aerosol pollution harmful to the health of the machine operator
  • Reduction of cleaning time
  • Preserves the machine guides
  • No risk of injury from chips

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