Looking for a Spindle Speed Increaser for your application?

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Products

Platinum Tooling offers a wide range of products to enhance your machine tool’s capabilities. You may know these tools by names such as Spindle Speeders, Spindle Speed Multipliers, Speeder Heads; whichever the case may be, we can provide tooling options for Live Tool turrets, Machining Centers, and Swiss Type CNC Lathes.
As the exclusive North American importer for heimatec GmbH, we offer high-precision Axial and Radial Live Tools with gear ratios up to 1:4 and 24,000 rpm capabilities for most CNC Lathes. Adjustable and Multi-Spindle high-speed options are also available.
For your Machining Center application, we offer a variety of Henninger Spindle Speeders designed to extend the life of your machine spindle and optimize the results of your cutting tools. Types include Geared Mechanical Speeders for rpm up to 50,000 and Air Driven Speeders up to 80,000 rpm. Also available, Motor Spindles up to 80,000 rpm for use on or independent of the machine spindle.
Suzuki IB Spindle Speeders are distributed through Platinum Tooling for use on Swiss Type CNC Lathes. These high-speed 4x speeders, with up to 24,000 rpm, are available for Citizen, Star, and Tsugami.

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