Henninger Spindle
Speed Increasers


Henninger,  located in southwest Germany is a manufacturer of specialized equipment and precision machine tool accessories. Spindle Speeders (mechanical, air, and electric motor driven), Custom Angle Heads and Live Centers are amongst their specialties. 

Mechanical Driven Spindle Speed Increasers

Henninger Spindle Speed Increasers help maximize productivity with gear ratios of up to 1:8. The tools allow for less wear and tear on the machine spindle.

  • Up to 50,000 rpm max
  • Tool changeable
  • Internal coolant option available
  • Modular design
  • Up to ER 50 output

Air Speeders

Henninger Air Speeders allow for optimum rpm for small tools. Designed for tool shanks up to Ø 7mm (.275”).

  • Up to 80,000 rpm continuous

  • Air supply central or lateral

  • Modular design

  • High precision preloaded bearings

  • Permanent grease lubrication

  • ER 11 output

High Frequency Motor Spindles

Henninger High Frequency Motor Spindles offer a wide variety of products suitable for most high-speed applications. Some spindles can be equipped with automatic rotational speed control, integrated with the machine tool control, and available with automatic tool clamping (HSK 40E).

  • Up to 80,000 rpm max

  • High Torque

  • Variable speed

  • Cooling system

  • Quiet/vibration free operation

  • Permanent grease lubrication


Live Tools

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