Guide Bushings

Tecnicrafts Catalog

Tecnicrafts offers a wide range of Guide Bushings suitable for most Swiss style machines.

All Guide Bushings are available in standard and ultra-precision grades with a runout accuracy of 5 microns or less. Bore profiles include round, square, hexagon, rectangle, and custom. Each part undergoes a specialized heat treatment process to ensure more consistent performance.

Tecnicrafts quality control includes 100% inspection prior to shipment. In addition, all Guide Bushings are chamfered in the back bore and slits to provide smooth guiding and unwanted marks.

Tecnicrafts uses specialized carbide for maximum wear resistance and to avoid chipping. A special brazing process is used to ensure long term reliability. Special care is taken to realize the smoothest bore finish in the market.
  • U-line slots are ideal for holding profiles other than round and additionally to help keep contamination out and prevent unwanted marks
  • Extended carbide (max land) available up to 70mm
  • Tapered Long Nose Guide Bushings are available
  • Standard and custom profile shapes including square and hex
  • Reinforced shank optional for enhanced stability
  • Brass guides to support small diameter material

A variety of features are available to suit your application needs.

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