Tecnicrafts Catalog

Tecnicrafts offers a wide range of Collets suitable for most Swiss style machines.

All Collets are available in standard and ultra-precision grades with a runout accuracy of 5 microns or less. Bore profiles include round, square, hexagon, rectangle, and custom. Each part undergoes a specialized heat treatment process to ensure more consistent performance.

Tecnicrafts quality control includes 100% inspection prior to shipment. In addition, all Collets are chamfered in the back bore and slits to provide smooth guiding and unwanted marks.

  • Smooth bores for use on ground stock and small diameters
  • Grooved bores designed for stronger gripping force
  • Serrated bores to achieve maximum gripping force
  • Long Nose Collets offered in both straight and tapered style
  • Over-grip/Step collets/Special profile bores manufactured per customer’s specifications
  • V-line slots ideal for holding profiles other than round and additionally to help keep contamination out and prevent unwanted marks
  • Brass guides to support small diameter material
  • Keyways on the cone or guiding diameter for alignment purposes

A variety of features are available to suit your application needs.

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